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Irlen syndrome is treated at Irlen clinics with individual precision tinted Irlen Filters worn as glasses or contact lenses. More details of testing, treatment and solutions are broken down below:

Testing & treatment

  • Screening to indicate whether a person has the syndrome and whether colour will help.
  • Diagnostic assessment to discover the full extent of the symptoms.
  • Colour evaluation to identify the optimum colour or combination for each individual.
  • Provision of appropriate Irlen Filters to wear as glasses or contact lenses.
  • Aftercare: initial check up at six months and afterwards at yearly intervals to monitor the effects of the filters and to ensure that the optimum colours are worn.
  • Ongoing advice and support e.g. exam concessions, health and safety at work.

Precise Irlen tint

  • Irlen tints and Irlen treatment is only available from Irlen clinics or from accredited Irlen practitioners.
  • The colours must be precise for each individual; what works for one person may not work for another.
  • The colour of the filters does not match the colour of overlay(s) chosen during the screening.
  • Only Irlen Filters will treat Irlen Syndrome: colours that may look similar will not work.
  • Inappropriate colours will not treat the symptoms and may cause other problems.