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Linda – Jersey

Yann was diagnosed with Irlen 3 years ago. Since his diagnosis and using his coloured glasses Yann has come on in leaps and bounds. Not only has his confidence bloomed but he has now performed in the Eisteddfod and is doing so much better at school. I recall the moment when we discovered the reason that Yann had been struggling with reading, writing, coordination, perception and his midline and it was as if a huge weight had been lifted. There was a reason why and as the ball came toward him and he caught it with the coloured lenses and he could actually see where it was coming from I felt a huge layer of guilt wash away. So, for those reasons and many others I shall always be incredibly grateful to Jean for the fantastic and thorough service she provides. She puts so much into helping and supporting others with Irlen, into raising awareness, educating and promoting Irlen that we are ever so fortunate to have her. A huge great big thank you.


Rachel – Jersey

My daughter, Poppy, was diagnosed by Jean Felton in October 2016. Jean was very patient and helpful and following Poppy’s diagnosis she received her first lenses in November [2016]. Since that time Poppy has gone from virtual illiteracy aged 6 and being held back from her class, to being one of the brightest and productive members with particular ability in mathematics. She is now using a second set of lenses following a fresh diagnosis in August 2017. Again Jean was patient and tailored her test to areas where Poppy was still showing some discomfort. We have seen additional improvement with her handwriting which is the only area where Poppy still has some difficulty and lack of confidence. Her year 3 teacher who had not heard of Irlen before teaching Poppy has been shocked by the speed of Poppy’s improvement and finds it incredible that she was unable to read and write only a year before. She is now a firm believer in the benefit of a positive diagnosis. With a lot of work from Poppy, she has proven her ability to learn and impressed everyone. We have seen her go from a sad and demoralised little girl to a happy little soul. She has a kind and tolerant nature which has helped, but we strongly believe that without Jean’s help we would never have achieved so much so soon. I have no hesitation in recommending Jean to friends of mine who have encountered unanswerable reasons why their children are having difficulties at school. I was also found to be Irlen and since receiving my lenses, have not suffered a migraine [which I used to get quite regularly] and can drive safely at night, an issue which was making me reconsider taking the kids to evening after school classes.


Nicola – Jersey

Jean has been amazing with my son Matthew, since the very first day she met him, she has always been there for him. Nothing is too much trouble for Jean. Without her help Matthew would still be struggling in school. She recognised the trouble he was having when no one else would.
Thank you Jean 😀



After being screened by our local screener, we waited only a short time to see Jean. Who took her time with our eldest boy who has Asperger’s and anxiety. He felt at ease as able to move about when needed, since his first visit he has had a second to readjust his tint(teenage years). The filters have helped him to vocalise his feelings more freely, is less anxious and calmer in himself. Lots of people have commented on the difference this has made to him


Kirsty Seager – Bournemouth

A great service Jean was very patient with me and didn’t rush me to get the right irlen tints right for all my issues. I highly recommend jean she is lovely caring person and does a great job . Everything is 5 star about her


Laura Cory

My daughter was re tested back the end of September. Jean went above and beyond and met us in Bournemouth. Lilly was made to feel comfortable and not rushed, this is important for her in choosing her correct colours. Her new lenses have made a big difference again to her daily wellbeing as well as school work and mood. Highly recommended!


Elly Scott – Kent

The help and support that Jean Felton has given my son has enabled him to achieve life changing results. With her diagnosis of irlen and ensuring that he always has the right tints in his lenses my son has achieved things I would never thought possible. From the improvement in his speech and thought to being able to participate in sport and engage with his peers, the change has been nothing short of miraculous. I cannot praise this lady enough!