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Welcome to Irlen – Channel Islands

What is Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen syndrome is a visual perceptual problem that can affect children and adults of all ages. It has been the subject of medical and educational research and is a recognised syndrome with a physiological basis. It causes perceptual distortions, light sensitivity, headaches, migraine and problems with depth perception. It can lead to stress, anxiety, low self esteem and underachievement.

Why is Irlen syndrome largely undiagnosed?

Research indicates Irlen is a dysfunction within the visual cortex of the brain and those affected have hypersensitivity to certain colours in the full spectrum of light causing the brain to process visual information incorrectly. Those colours chosen are specific to each individual.

Who is affected?

What are the symptoms?

Benefits of Irlen Filters

How will they look?

Irlen spectral filters have an attractive appearance and both adults and children enjoy wearing them. You can choose frames that look good with your particular colour. If you dislike the idea of wearing glasses, then you can have contact lenses which will not change your eye colour. Irlen spectral filters do NOT colour the page or the environment.

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